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Bringing the vineyard home.

Join interactive virtual wine tasting classes.

Wine Time Online delivers bottles to your door, and provides personalized food pairings and wine recommendations to make them both taste better—all from the comfort of your own home.

How it works

1. Reserve

Choose your class. We'll keep it interesting by offering sessions from a variety of regions and wineries. There's a class for everyone.

2. Receive

No need to go to the liquor store. We deliver your wine directly to your home.

3. Enjoy

Join us for Wine Time Online. Enjoy with a food pairing from us, order in, cook at home, or just enjoy the glass.


Classes hosted by Wine Time Online


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Smile with Wine

What people are saying

The Wine Time tour was unforgettable. I have done wine tastings at wineries independently and wine tours with companies that drop you off at the wineries, but this was a totally different experience. It was amazing to be escorted by a sommelier and a chef. Tim is awesome—he is an extremely knowledgeable, patient, and charismatic guide. He is able to answer questions, give context, and provide experiences that the tour guides and servers from the wineries can’t. It was also great to learn about what foods would pair with each wine from a chef. I learned so much and had a wonderful time.

Lisa Landis

Science teacher


After attending two classes online, I was lucky enough to experience Wine Time 'On the Road' with Tim.  Our group had an amazing tour of 4 vineyards with an additional private dinner with the wine makers of Ullage!  (Outside, distanced, and in accordance with the protocol of the times.) 

I highly recommend Tim's online courses and tours for his informative, insightful, and at times colorfully humous interpretation of wine culture.

Luke Larson


LCR/Razavi Property Management

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