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Wine Time Online has a simple purpose.

We make it easy to enjoy wine.
We want you to impress your friends.
We love recommending new wines and food pairings.
We believe learning can be fun.

See what happens in every class

Taste 3 wines

Wine Time Online is an interactive wine tasting experience designed to allow guests to enjoy a group wine event from the comfort of home. We evaluate three wines per session, generally from a specific region of origin. We discuss the production process of white wine, rosé wine, and red wine, while enjoying a tasting of each. 

Enjoy new and limited release wines

Timothy has an extensive history in the restaurant industry and over years has developed relationships with many wine producers. The guests are able to try exciting new, and limited release wines and have them shipped directly to their homes. Wine Time Online is a progressive experience for guests who would like to increase their knowledge of wines, and wine producing regions of the world.

Join Wine Clubs

Wine Time offers guests the opportunity to join a wine club with guests from all over the United States, without even leaving the sofa. It is a fun and unique way to share the passion of fine wines together, while apart.

Engage with a wine educator

The event is facilitated by Timothy Edmunds a wine educator with many years of experience taking the complex art and science behind winemaking, and presenting it in a fun, informative, and engaging manner.

Every class is unique, so take more

No two classes are ever the same. We use different grapes, from different climates, produced by different winemakers for each session. Beyond wine selection, each class is unique because the collection of guests, from novice to wine enthusiasts, has an organic group conversation.

Learn about the winemaking process

The classes offer a fun, exploratory discussion about how wine is made, what impact geography, and climate impart on juice, and how winemaking styles translate to helping a guest determine what their preferences will be. We explore regional food and wine pairing discussions while we evaluate the wines.

Interact with us and get more from the class

Wine Time is not a lecture series, guests learn new tasting skills, and they are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with each other in an open conversation. Guests help create the curriculum for the next class, we have 8-10 groups per call, and their conversations, questions, and opinions are what Timothy uses to engineer the format of the subsequent events.


Geography featured in Wine Time

We've built the Wine Time Online program to feature incredible wines from makers and in these regions.

Learn more about the wineries & geography we feature.

Meet the host


Wine Time Partners

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