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Celebrate Autumn

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

I love autumn weather, and I want to take the opportunity to see a couple more vineyards before the season ends. I am pretty busy in my home town, and I can squeeze a couple road trips to spots in the Minnesota market. So, I am seeking guests who would enjoy taking a day trip to the St Croix Valley and check out a few of the local vineyards. I am curious how the vintage went, and also to discuss with the staff what changes have occurred in recent years to ease the challenges of local wine production, or perhaps more likely what has contributed to a new series of challenges. I will charter transportation, and want to bring 8-10 guests with. Guests will be encouraged to taste the wines and share their opinions with me about the wines produced. Along the road to the wineries, I will teach a little about the grapes produced here and what you may anticipate at the wineries in terms of styles and a series of unique hybrid varietals produced in our climate. We will depart from St Paul on Sunday November 7th for an 8 hour excursion to the St. Croix Valley tasting at 3 wineries. We will have lunch along the way, and see all the beautiful autumn colors of the valley while our charter allows the guests to taste worry free. Please reach out soon if interested as I will need to know total numbers for group to determine vehicle size. I think this event will be really fun, and I hope to do these events frequently next year, if this one is as popular as I anticipate, I will repeat it a couple more times this autumn.

If the idea intrigues you, but the date doesn't work, reach out and let me know as we could work together to create a custom private group guided tour for 8-10 guests.

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