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Dr Konstantin Frank Wines

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I am really excited to be showing these wines. I have always been aware that New York is among the top four wine producing states in the United States, but shame on me, I am only now beginning to teach myself about the wines produced here. I have, of late, taken on a new approach to wine study, and want to learn something new each week. The wines I have selected are unique in one specific way. I had never tried them! If you know me, you know that there are not very many wines on Earth that I have not tried, and that simply knowing they are out there, and not knowing about them drives me up the wall.

We had a great set of events using these Konstantin Frank wines. First, we tried a white wine made of a grape called Rkatsiteli, we also had a gently pressed rosé wine made of the same grape, and finally a red wine made of one of my favorite grapes, Cabernet Franc.

The second set of classes will bookend Thanksgiving. We will try the dry Gewürztraminer, aromatic white wine. Aromas of peach, white pepper, and lychee. We will also try a really fun grape called Blaüfrankisch, which is known also as Lemberger, it makes a dry but fruity red that has plenty of complexity. The third wine is Amur red which is a grape native to southern Siberia, full bodied, spicy, and perfect for Thanksgiving favorites.

We will taste these on Wednesday November 24th at 7pm CST and 9PM CST, or Friday, November 26th at 6PM, 8PM or 10PM CST. You can secure your spot now!

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