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FAQ: How Wine Time Online works

Wine Time is a group wine tasting event. Guests evaluate wines in their homes, with friends and family all over the nation. The event is hosted by Timothy Edmunds, a wine educator with over 20 years experience.

As an ongoing progressive series, the guests learn basics of wine evaluation, and tools that help them determine what wines will be an appropriate purchase for their individual preferences. We discuss region of origin, winemaking procedures, food pairing ideas, and new trending wines. Guests are encouraged to share their perspectives and hopefully find new favorite wine producers from each region. Classes are absolutely approachable to novice wine drinkers, but avid wine consumers will also have plenty to learn.

Guests reserve a spot on the call. It is fun to invite friends or family from all over the nation to join the same event. Three bottles of wine are shipped to the guests home, and they participate in an interactive tasting event over a zoom call. Guests make new friends, and meet wine industry professionals from the comfort of their home. No driving, no shopping at the liquor store, and guests can enjoy wines with friends miles apart.

We have many events scheduled, most of which are Wednesday evenings at 7pm CST or 9pm CST, and we offer 3 classes on Friday nights at 6PM CST, 8PM CST, or 10PM CST to accommodate guests on both coasts. See upcoming events.

Some guests prefer to create a custom class, selecting their own wines, and inviting private groups. Family gatherings, team building events, or just long separated old friends getting together on a call with wine and an educator. If you would like to create a class, we require at least 8 callers, and can accommodate in most states.

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