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FAQ: What's included with my purchase?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

With your Wine Time purchase you will receive 3 full bottles of wine from a selected producer in a specific region.

These wines will be shipped to your home ahead of the event. Guests will receive an invitation to a group tasting event.

The presentation is an interactive tasting and regional wine discussion.

The event is facilitated by Timothy Edmunds and guests are encouraged to participate in the discussion of the wines. Timothy offers suggestions and answers any questions about the production process, the producer, grape varietals, history and geography of the region of origin.

If you would prefer, we can engineer a class that is catered specifically to your guests. You can invite guests from all around the country to share some Wine Time together, apart. We can select the wines, with you to create a regional class, an all white wine class, an all red wine class, or multiple other formats. If you dream it up, we will make it happen.

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