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Holiday Gift Cards

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

WineTime Online now offers a gift card. It is a great way to give a gift that actually brings your friends or family together for a tasting event. Pick from one of our existing classes, which are listed here and then invite any friends and family to join the event, up to 9 sets of guests per call. Our existing classes are a great way to meet new wine enthusiasts, and industry professionals from all over the United States. We generally offer 3 timeslots per 1.5 hour event, each night, so you can select the time that works best for your group, even if you are in different time zones.

If you prefer, you can also pick a date and time that you would like to set up your personal family or friends get together over a hosted wine tasting event. You can pick your favorite producer, invite just your special selection of friends and family. We found, last year, that this made it possible for us to bring people together, apart from all over the country, when travel was not an easy option. When you have selected your date and time, and if you choose, your wine selection, we will invite your guests to join our wine tasting zoom call. Each guest will be shipped 3 full bottles of wine and an invite to our interactive, educational tasting experience. The guests are encouraged to invite 3-4 people to participate in the call and make the experience more engaging for all involved. No wine experience is necessary, Tim will be available for any and all questions, and frequently knows the person who made the wines. The experience is made more personal through the relationships that WineTime has created with the producer of the wines.

As a group we will taste the wines, discussing the aromas, textures, flavors, and the opportunities for food pairing options. Tim will explain how the variables in the production process have impact on the wine in each glass. Guests learn what makes their favorite wines similar, how to select a wine that is more likely to be pleasing to their palette, and encouraged to ask questions about grapes, wine styles, regions of origin, and climate. We never allow the classes to get stuffy, or pretentious, it is an interactive experience for the novice, and the expert wine enthusiast to contribute equally to the discussion of the wines. Frequently, winemakers, industry professionals, and chefs participate in the call, and Aaron will often add to the discussion of food pairing philosophy. Look over our upcoming classes and select wines that excite you, or reach out to create your custom event.

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