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I am ready to travel, are you?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

This photo is a representation of what 2022 has in store for me. I shot this in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. It is Pinot Noir vines in early bud break stage. Just beginning to gather the energy necessary to create a new, and unique vintage. We are just beginning our journey with the Wine Time project as well. We are excited to offer opportunities to learn about different grapes, regions of origin, and styles of wine. We are happy to offer these experiences to guests in their home, at the comfort of their dining room table, while joining a group of other wine enthusiasts from all over the country over a fun and unique format. We are really excited to announce the next chapter includes events outside the home, and even travelling events in wine country!

I took a trip to Oregon to meet with potential charter service providers that I want to work with. Fun, informative, hosts that could show myself and my guests through wine country with cool and interesting facts to share. People who could not only drive our group, but who know the local food and beverage culture of the communities that we will be visiting. I found two different guys that I want to work with, each with their own style and with different knowledge base to contribute to the overall guest experience for those guests interested in booking some traveltime with Wine Time. I am very happy to announce the next phase of our project which includes 3, 4, or 5 day wine regional tours. An experience that offers guests the opportunity to travel to vineyards with my team and share a perspective not generally offered to tourists. I have itineraries from Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco already built.

I have added these types of tours to our services. In August we did our first Napa Valley/Sonoma County trip and we had six guests were able to attend. We were shuttled from San Francisco, I didn't want any guests to be unable to sip all of the juice they want, so chartered service is key. I wanted to nerd out with the producers of the wine, and share insights in the tasting room with the group. The trip preceded crush, and the mayhem of heavy tourist traffic, so we had time to enjoy ourselves without getting in the way. I now want to take a Washington trip in November, six to eight guests again.

Monday November 15th we will depart from Portland, Oregon on a 3 day wine adventure. We will head east along the Columbia river, we will visit 3 wineries per day, and taste through multiple selections, while I meet the personnel behind the wine production, and gather content for my online classes. Wines will have been produced for the 2021 vintage, and we should be able to get a sneak peek of what to anticipate when they are released. We will be able to learn what challenges were presented in the 2021 vintage, and how this will affect the wines that will be released next year. We will stay in Yakima on our first night, we will have dinner as a group, and discuss the wines that we saw during the day. On our second day we will continue east from Yakima to Walla Walla, and visit 3 more wineries. We will stay the night in charming Walla Walla, and meet some of the people who make my favorite wines. On the third day of the journey, we return to Portland, stopping at three more wineries along the road. We will arrive back in Portland in time for dinner.

If you would like to join us, reach out to me here I would like to bring around 6-8 guests with on this trip, and I will charter a vehicle that will be comfortable and roomy. Do you have specific vineyards you would like to visit? Regions of the world you would like to tour? Let's talk about options.

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