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Wines of New York

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Yes, wines of New York is a category that I am excited to explore with my guests at Wine Time Online. As early as 2004, when I began studying the Sommelier curriculum, New York was listed fourth in wine production in the United States, behind California, Washington, and Oregon. I tried many of the wines back then, I was especially interested in aromatic white wines, and how those grapes would be able to thrive in the specific climate. Looking at the map above, one can imagine how Lake Ontario offers much the same opportunities to have moderate temperatures, relatively yet supply enough of a "coastal climate effect" to allow for extended hang time for grapes in Autumn. I never immersed myself in New York wine research, mainly because the three larger production states filled my dance card. These days, I am actively seeking new places in the world from which to source wines that allow me to continue learning new things.

Most of the wines that I have historically been exposed to from New York, have been white wines. Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris were what I was shown in the Minnesota market. They definitely dominate the production in New York, but I want to see rosé and red production these days, too. I knew that red wines were produced in New York as well, but they were never brought to Minnesota in large quantities, at least, never shown to me. I tried a small smattering, of Blaufrankisch also called Lemberger, I think I saw a Cabernet Franc or two, and a few other reds that were blends.

A good friend, with an inquisitive wine mind visited New York earlier this summer, and has inspired me to get moving in the re-evaluation of New York white wines, and in a comprehensive look at the reds. So, based off the recommendation of a trusted wine associate, I am excited to present some New York wine tasting events. The first event is coming up October 7th, a Thursday evening, at 9PM CST, and we will be tasting a selection of wines from Dr. Konstantin Frank from the Finger Lakes region in New York. When shopping for the wines for the event, I decided on about 11 different wines to show. That seems aggressive for one night, so I am happy to announce that this will be the first event in a series of classes that I will show this fall from this producer. I would like to show 3 wines at each event, and will probably do 4 events to show all of the wines that I am most curious about.

If you would like more information on the series, and the wines that I have selected leave me a message, and I will get you all of the details.

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